Reverend Victoria J. Thomas
Spiritual Director

Rev. Victoria Thomas is an ordained Agape International Minister and faculty member at Agape University. She is a certified yoga teacher, certified Reiki Master, certified Ho’Oponopono practitioner, sound healer, inspirational speaker, writer, and spiritual counselor. She is the Spiritual Director of the Agape East Spiritual Center in Coastal VA.

Victoria inspires and empowers through her workshops and classes. She speaks powerfully on a variety of topics such as self-care, addiction and recovery, the shamanic initiation and vocation, conscious parenting, spiritual healing, forgiveness, affirmative prayer, and science and spirituality. As a member of the Agape International University faculty, she developed and taught Prayer Warrior for seven year, one of the prerequisites towards becoming an Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner. 

For over twelve years, Victoria led Agape International’s Health & Wholeness Ministry, serving individuals who are facing diagnosis and  illnesses through prayer support, hospital and in-home visits, and leading a monthly support group teaching Truth Principles and Affirmative Prayer Technology.

Victoria has led support groups at the Women’s Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles, teaching spiritual principles and practices to the incarcerated.  

Prior to entering the path of ministry, she co-facilitated drug awareness classes and taught parenting classes.

She awakens in others a greater self-love and embodiment of the Indwelling Presence of Light.

flower of life rotated

January 2023


Happy Birthday Agape East! What a joy to celebrate the 4th year of our Beloved Community, this month! After almost three full years of meeting in a virtual space, this month we celebrate our connection, by literally embracing each other again. If you are in Coastal Virginia, we welcome you to join us in our new space in Virginia Beach, as we take our first steps in gathering in person, to hold hands, sing, chant, pray, laugh, cry, break bread, and turn to the Everlasting Power of Eternal Love that resides in Its fullness as each of us. As always, we will remain hybrid on Zoom and continue to celebrate and enjoy all our virtual community members, such as many of our Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioners, our musicians, and board members. We are each made of Pure Love, Infinite Power, and
Eternal Light and we remain forever connected, beyond time and space. This month, let’s honor our connection to each other and amplify our understanding of the Oneness that God is.

In Love and Light,

Reverend Victoria

December 2022


It is the time of year to celebrate the Holy Days with giving, sharing, and togetherness. The holiday season can be hard for some folks who may be missing loved ones or may be struggling with security needs. Everything tends to intensify during this time, so as we move into the season, let us remember to apply gentleness to everything and everyone, including ourselves. Suspend judgement and assumptions. Seek to understand first, rather than to be understood. Take longer pauses to genuinely drop into the heart space of compassion before you start speaking verbally, or silently in your head. Get more sleep when you can and talk to yourself with loving kindness when you first open your eyes to start the day. If you are struggling, reach out for prayer support, someone to talk to, a massage, a 12-step group, anything that will demonstrate self-love and self-care. It may not immediately solve all the issues, but it will build on a habit of gentle loving kindness for yourself. You deserve that. When we can be like the gentle deer, Grace happens.

In Love and Light,

Reverend Victoria

November 2022

Give Forth

When the harvest is plenty, when you can stop and recognize that there is enough to share, enough time, enough understanding, enough patience, enough compassion, enough safety and security, you become a light in the world.

There’s always enough of this because you are an individualized expression of God. In God all things are possible. In God is our source. In God we live and move and have our being and God lives and moves and has Its Holy Presence in every cell, every mitochondria of our being.

This is the truth principle that we must come to understand to reestablish ourselves so that we can give forth to the world, in forgiveness, love, generosity, our resources. There are enough resources already on the planet to feed and clothe and house all 8 billion of us. You were here to bring in this age where we live in a world that works for everyone. This is done by giving forth.

In Love and Light,

Reverend Victoria

October 2022

Keeping the Eye Single

The most powerful thing we can do for ourselves is to keep our vision for our self and our life lifted upward and onward. This is more than just positive thinking. It is a single-eyed focus on the unchanging Reality of Truth, that the spirit of the living God created you out of Its wholeness and perfection, placed all Its infinite potential inside of you, and wills for you to be fully expressed, supplied, and loved.

If we can keep our eye stayed on this truth, then no matter what is happening in our circumstances, our identity as perfect Spirit and our purpose of being the light unto the world, remain clear and available in our Consciousness.

In Love and Light,

Reverend Victoria