Meet our Spiritual Director

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Reverend Victoria J. Thomas
Spiritual Director

Rev. Victoria Thomas is an ordained Agape International minister, and is the Spiritual Director of the Agape East Spiritual Center in Coastal VA.  She holds a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science degree in Consciousness and Human Potential from Maharishi International University, and various certificates and credentials as a yoga teacher, Reiki Master, Ho’Oponopono practitioner, and spiritual counselor.  Victoria inspires and empowers through her talks, workshops, and classes, speaking and teaching powerfully on a variety of topics such as self-care, addiction and recovery, the shamanic initiation and vocation, conscious parenting, spiritual healing, forgiveness, affirmative prayer, and science and spirituality.

As a member of the Agape International University faculty for over seven years, she
developed and taught many classes, assisting students towards becoming Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioners.  For over twelve years, Victoria led Agape International’s Health & Wholeness Ministry, serving individuals who are facing diagnosis and illnesses through prayer support, hospital and in-home visits, and leading a monthly support group, teaching Truth Principles and Affirmative Prayer Technology to volunteers.  Victoria has mentored at-risk youth, and led support groups at the Women’s Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles, teaching meditation and spiritual principles to the incarcerated. Prior to entering the path of ministry, she co-facilitated drug awareness classes and taught parenting classes.
She awakens in others a greater self-love and embodiment of the Indwelling Presence of Love.

December 2023

Spiritual Nourishment
This month we draw our attention to what nourishes us. Spiritual community, family, love, sacred ritual and study, creative expression, healthy living choices, and plenty of humor are some environments, acts and events that nourish, and these do not have a price tag either. What truly nourishes is all around you, abundant, everywhere. It is Spirit, Consciousness, Love-Beauty, Eternal Intelligence, and it is responding to you right now. When we turn within, to It in stillness and silence, we are nourished by the connection made aware. Here, we are free to discover our authentic self, our sincere desires. When the outer world does not supply what we wish for or think we need, we go back to beginning, God. The eternal force and source of all life is always pressing in on us, trying to manifest Itself through our individual consciousness. It is our awareness of this Spirit, the Presence of Love, as our nourishment that actually becomes the experience of nourishment. Our awareness of Love is our nourishment. May you Know Love. You are so deeply important and loved.

In Love and Light,

Reverend Victoria

November 2023

Principles of Truth

This month we explore and expand our understanding of Truth Principles. Truth is that which never changes. Truth Principles are those verities that do not wax and wane with circumstances and conditions. God is the only power and causation, is one such Truth. God is non-dual Good, is another. God, as the Good, is always in integrity with Itself. God is present in all space and time, and beyond our space-time continuum, are other ways of articulating Principles of Truth. This month we make internal space in our consciousness to embody this knowledge, through our spiritual discernment. We gather in community to anchor them in our hearts.

In Love and Light,

Reverend Victoria

October 2023


This month I prepare for our pilgrimage to Egypt. This has been a lifetime of longing, to take a sacred journey to this ancient land that calls my soul. I know that what I seek from this outer journey is a deeper inward journey, toward an expanded understanding of my own Divine Self. Something in me knows that the temples and tombs along the Nile hold markers, keys, gateways, and initiations towards the greater understanding of Divine Self. In the beginning, God. Consciousness is all there is. This Divine Self is our Origin, our essence. All our longings, all our cravings for anything in the outer realm of our experiential reality is but a reflection of what we actually long for: The Love of God, to go Home, to know our Oneness. This month we shall explore our original blueprints of perfection and the holy place inside, our Origin.

In Love and Light,
Reverend Victoria

In Love and Light,

Reverend Victoria

September 2023

Evolutionary Impulse

The Absolute Truth wants to have its way with you. The Love-Intelligence of Divine Source is always
fulfilling Itself. It flows in and back onto Itself, plays and displays Itself as all Consciousness, all of Life, all that is seen and unseen. Its very nature is to grow and evolve, experience and express Itself, as you and as me, as all the plants, animals, minerals, the air and water. It is everywhere, in all, as all, and Iit is waiting for you to acknowledge Its Presence right there in the invisible space between the atoms.

When we make contact through a moment of silence and remember that this Consciousness of Love-Intelligence is indeed present and alive, with Its full attention on us, then we rewrite destiny. We stop living from emotional impulses and we start living from evolutionary impulses.

Evolutionary impulses are not discerned by intellect or emotion. They do not usually make sense,
because they emanate from Divinity, which is beyond our sense consciousness. This month we celebrate our perpetual invitation from God, Higher Power, Cosmic Christ-Consciousness to live rooted in our relationship to Divine Source, and be the healing vessel of these evolutionary impulses of Love for our human species and our Mother Earth and all of Her inhabitants.

In Love and Light,

Reverend Victoria