Meet our Spiritual Director

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Reverend Victoria J. Thomas
Spiritual Director

Rev. Victoria Thomas is an ordained Agape International minister, and is the Spiritual Director of the Agape East Spiritual Center in Coastal VA.  She holds a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science degree in Consciousness and Human Potential from Maharishi International University, and various certificates and credentials as a yoga teacher, Reiki Master, Ho’Oponopono practitioner, and spiritual counselor.  Victoria inspires and empowers through her talks, workshops, and classes, speaking and teaching powerfully on a variety of topics such as self-care, addiction and recovery, the shamanic initiation and vocation, conscious parenting, spiritual healing, forgiveness, affirmative prayer, and science and spirituality.

As a member of the Agape International University faculty for over seven years, she
developed and taught many classes, assisting students towards becoming Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioners.  For over twelve years, Victoria led Agape International’s Health & Wholeness Ministry, serving individuals who are facing diagnosis and illnesses through prayer support, hospital and in-home visits, and leading a monthly support group, teaching Truth Principles and Affirmative Prayer Technology to volunteers.  Victoria has mentored at-risk youth, and led support groups at the Women’s Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles, teaching meditation and spiritual principles to the incarcerated. Prior to entering the path of ministry, she co-facilitated drug awareness classes and taught parenting classes.
She awakens in others a greater self-love and embodiment of the Indwelling Presence of Love.

June 2023


We are here, on this planet at this time in human history, to shine the light of our consciousness, an awareness of our oneness with God. This is a time of warmth, fruitage, joy and the beauty of long days and beautiful sunsets. Your life on earth is like a beautiful sunset, completely original, created by God, inspiring, and changing. Each day we get to re-create ourselves, have a redo, take a new approach and attitude towards our challenges, and surrender to the Creator. No power on earth can stop the sun from shining. The good news is that you were created to shine, to emanate, experience and express the qualities of the One Eternal Power, and no circumstances or outer experiences can change that Truth. Qualities of bounty, harmony, peace, joy, generosity, wholeness, and love are already within, and cannot help but reveal themselves as YOU, if you let them. So, let us surrender day by day this month to our own brilliance and let God, be God, as us.

In Love and Light,

Reverend Victoria

May 2023


Let us take time to honor and remember what has real value. We have so much to acknowledge and celebrate. Mother’s Day gives us an opportunity to celebrate the individuals who took on a maternal role, regardless of their gender. We honor these individuals with gratitude and thanksgiving because they often experience enormous sacrifice during the various stages of raising youth, setting aside personal goals and individual desires to give more attention and service for the highest good of the child or family, and we recognize that.

Memorial Day, a day to remember those individuals who gave the highest of sacrifices, their lives, to protect and serve our nation. We take time to remember these courageous souls and c their willingness to give in such a sacred way for our safety.

To sacrifice is to make something sacred. When we give up anything for the greater good, we make it sacred. When we give our time and devotion to worship the Spirit, to make direct contact with God, we are making our time and our lives sacred. This is worship. Wisdom says that we are always in an act of worship. If we are not in worship to Spirit, our only Source, then we end up in worship to the merchants, money lenders, and media. The things of this world do not hold lasting value. Your connection to the Divine does.

We are here as vessels of the Divine to dispense the power of Love and Peace. This month let’s make the whole world sacred with this call to Love.

In Love and Light,

Reverend Victoria

April 2023

Anchoring Joy

Joy is your birthright. The fulfilling life, with balance, love, creativity, prosperity, and health demonstrating is everyone’s true purpose for living. We are not born to suffer. We are not born in sin or imperfection. We are born in the image and likeness of Divinity, and we are here to thrive. When we come into the knowing of our innate soul perfection, we take on great responsibility. It is a responsibility for what we think, feel, say, and act. The false belief that we are separate from our Source clouds our spiritual authority, and when we cannot stand in our spiritual authority, as One in God, then we can fall prey to feeling victimized.

There’s a great deal of change and chaos happening on the planet and the world needs your light, and your Joy. As seekers of Truth, we know we cannot look outside ourselves, to the world for Joy. We must tap our Source for Joy. This is why we develop and maintain a spiritual practice of meditation, affirmative prayer, sacred study, fellowship and tithing. Each time we participate in our own soul’s evolution with our spiritual practice, we are letting go of trying to get Joy from the outer world, and we instead anchor Joy and bring it into the world.

In Love and Light,
Reverend Victoria

In Love and Light,

Reverend Victoria

March 2023

Sweetness of Life 

This time of the Spring Equinox always brings me to a deeper awareness of the Grace of God that is always available. Not God as an anthropomorphic deity in the sky, but a Presence of Love, a Divine Intelligence that spins the galaxies, beats our heart, informs the DNA of all living things, and knows Itself as each of us.

When the fresh faces of new flowers and new life reveal themselves, it is a reminder that we too are born anew in this moment. We can remember that the beauty, the bounty, the harmony, and the sweetness of life so evident in nature during this time is simply reflecting our true Divine essence.

By cultivating the practice of closing the outer eye and turning within, we too emerge from the cocoon of Winter’s transformation with full permission to reveal the face of God and the sweetness of life.

In Love and Light,

Reverend Victoria