Reverend Victoria J. Thomas
Spiritual Director

Rev. Victoria Thomas is an ordained Agape International Minister and faculty member at Agape University. She is a certified yoga teacher, certified Reiki Master, certified Ho’Oponopono practitioner, sound healer, inspirational speaker, writer, and spiritual counselor. She is the Spiritual Director of the Agape East Spiritual Center in Coastal VA.

Victoria inspires and empowers through her workshops and classes. She speaks powerfully on a variety of topics such as self-care, addiction and recovery, the shamanic initiation and vocation, conscious parenting, spiritual healing, forgiveness, affirmative prayer, and science and spirituality. As a member of the Agape International University faculty, she developed and taught Prayer Warrior for seven year, one of the prerequisites towards becoming an Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner. 

For over twelve years, Victoria led Agape International’s Health & Wholeness Ministry, serving individuals who are facing diagnosis and  illnesses through prayer support, hospital and in-home visits, and leading a monthly support group teaching Truth Principles and Affirmative Prayer Technology.

Victoria has led support groups at the Women’s Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles, teaching spiritual principles and practices to the incarcerated.  

Prior to entering the path of ministry, she co-facilitated drug awareness classes and taught parenting classes.

She awakens in others a greater self-love and embodiment of the Indwelling Presence of Light.

flower of life rotated

June 2022


This month as we enjoy the summer and all that life offers, let us welcome the Illumination of Love into our hearts and minds. We become illumined and we illuminate our surroundings as we bring into the light of our Christ- Consciousness, all that would contradict the Truth. Christ means Light. There is only First Causation, God. This Power does not contradict Itself. It is Absolute and we are wholly one with It.

The entire Cosmos is working to express more of Itself through you, its own creation, as a blissful, healthy, abundant life! This is the Light of Truth. So, no matter what story is playing out in the mind, in our collective human narrative, in your environments, the Love that God is, is seeking Its demonstration through your Consciousness. It does mean we have to ignore the default mode thinking and emotional patterns that rear their heads from time to time, like the patterns of lack, living small, false beliefs of unworthiness, fear of insecurity.

As we bracket all our reactions and responses to life’s contradictions of this Truth and bring circumstances, situations, events, opinions, fears, and worries into the Love of our hearts and the Light of our Christ mind, we are lifted in Illumination for all. We become the Light on the hill. This is what our cities, nations, and our planet needs.

In Love and Light,

Reverend Victoria

May 2022


This month at Agape East, we celebrate the art of play. What better time to find our inner joy and exuberance for life than this month of May, with the beauty of spring and Mother’s Day. When I was little, I would spend hours alone, and sometimes with friends, in my room and outside playing. I had Barbie dolls, plastic horses, rubber alligators, and an invisible snake named Snakey.
As adults, the responsibilities of school, jobs and family can dampen our innate urge to relax, joke, connect, create, fantasize, pretend, and play. Now is our time to cast off the judgements of surface mind and find a way to create the vibration of playing. We can make play with almost any task, like chores and cleaning, by a simple attitude adjustment, I feel. Art, gardening, dancing, singing, coloring books, writing, music, exercise, whatever you can find, find it and make it fun by simply affirming that it’s “play time.”
The vibration we live in when we play is the same as the vibration we live in when we pray, a high state of mind, a little fantasy and pretend, and a big daily spoonful of joy. I like to say that life is a prayer. This month, I say life is a play. Have fun!

In Love and Light,

Reverend Victoria

April 2022


As the beautiful baby birds and sweet flowers all come to life this spring, let us celebrate our true nature, Innocence. We all know the innocence of babies and trees and animals. Babies and little children reach and move toward what they want and what feels good. Blades of grass just turn their little bodies towards the sun, without ever questioning their deservedness.
The Good of God is available to all of life, regardless. This is the Grace that accompanies innocence, and it is your birthright, everyone’s birthright, regardless. How can we know and accept the Grace of this Truth for ourselves and for those whom we may view as undeserving? Is there a difference?

This month celebrates Easter, and the great Master Teacher Jesus the Christ demonstrated his instruction to forgive 70×7 when he forgave those that were torturing him to death, “Forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”
I believe that this muscle of living in Innocence must first be developed for ourselves before we can authentically forgive the unforgivable in this crazy world. The best place that I have found to start is with our daily living, our daily routines of self-care, diet, how we communicate and express, and our spiritual practices, even our attempts at forgiving 70×7. To set the high intention of higher choices for ourselves in every way, and then be gentle with ourselves as we make our attempts and changing old patterns in body and mind.
Tremendous self-love, self-compassion, self-appreciation, and self-care is the doorway to self-forgiveness, and self-forgiveness is the key to recognizing our own innate Innocence and this is the fuel in the power of forgiveness for others.

When we know our own brilliance, beauty, worthiness, and purity, through the practice of innocence, then we become blameless and guiltless towards ourselves. We then begin to see WITH Innocence as we look out at wars, injustice, governments, and world leaders. This is what is being asked of us now, to see rightly, as the Master Teacher taught.

In Love and Light,

Reverend Victoria

March 2022


Our theme this month celebrates our ability to feel! How wonderful it is to feel a cool breeze, to feel warm earth under our feet, the softness of a silky pillowcase, the warmth and weight of a beloved pet on our lap. How about the feeling of joy when you can wrap your arms around a beloved friend or family member, or the enthusiasm when you finally find that thing you love to do and you’re doing it, or the feeling of humble gratitude when you see the evidence of God‘s grace demonstrating Itself to you?

Part of being a human being is this great privilege of experiencing feelings and emotions. It’s what makes us Sentient beings, here to express compassion, understanding, generosity and greater knowing of a Presence of Love.

I believe it is our hearts that rule our Sentience and I believe that the bigger our hearts, the more we feel. There are many ways to grow our hearts and our abilities to feel. Meditation and spiritual study have certainly been helpful for me. Some people also experience the growth of their heart through trials, loss, betrayal, and trauma. Anybody who’s lost a loved one, even a pet, knows that grief swells this part of us, making us more in tune with how precious each relationship and each day that we have left are.

Sentience is both a privilege and a burden perhaps, but it is something that we can harness and use to better our own lives and the lives of others. Let’s use this month to explore the power of our Sentience. All of our feelings, whether they are labeled “good” or “bad,” are powerful, observable, changeable, and the key ingredient in mastering the art of manifestation.

In Love and Light,

Reverend Victoria